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We are "Adonia" - named after the God of beauty and desire. We provide beautiful and desirable accessories for people of all ages. Our founder - Girish Jhangiani - started this company in 2011.

The concept of Adonia came to him while working in Spain in a high end luxury brand and accessory store. Whilst Indian fashion was great in terms of clothing, he felt the accessories that accompanies them lacked that oomph factor. Thus began his worldwide search for good manufacturers and stylists in the department of accessories.

We started introducing products to the Mumbai market through exhibitions as well as providing our products directly to selected stores in Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad, Bangalore and Surat.

We are a small but customer-focused brand, having done over 70 exhibitions this year. Our aim is to always find something exceptionally beautiful for our clientele , now also looking to tie ups, designer based stores and other online portals.

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